New anonymous file sharing technology

Want to share censored materials in the Internet without fear of legal prosecution? It is easy now...

Just 3 steps:

  1. Download legal images from public photo hosting or take photos with your digital camera.
  2. Use StegoShare to embed censored file (which distribution may be illegal in your county) into images, then upload stego images to the photo torrent tracker (or other p2p network) as ordinary legal photos (human eye cannot detect the difference between original image and picture with included hidden file). Also post hidden file's description and link to stego images on the private blog/forum (not photo tracker). Read details at the section "How it works".
  3. Seed (distribute) images with censored file without any fear of legal prosecution or litigation. If you will be caught, you can always say that you even didn't knew about illicit file, embedded into images (it is impossible to prove opposite, you have 100% plausible deniability). This protection model can be used as for end users (downloaders and seeders), as also for public photo trackers. Detailed information at the section "Legal help and advices".

Are interested in?

Download it now! Try this real example (11Mb, password "123"). If you have a question, ask on our forum.